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SharpEdge InHay ExHay

Allergies, illness or extreme performance can impact your horse’s respiratory health. SharpEdge's InHay ExHay breath right treats symptoms of heaves, seasonal allergies, dust, congestion and occasional cough due to environmental stress. It's all-natural, no fillers and best of all, it works fast!

CONTAINS: Coltsfoot, Elderflower, Eyebright, Ginger, Sage, Mullein. 

DOSAGE: 1 TBSP/daily

1lb bag

A performance horse or racehorse cannot perform to full potential without air – the respiratory system that moves oxygen through the body. 

🌿The equine respiratory system works in conjunction with the horse’s cardiovascular system and other systems. When a horse is properly conditioned, the respiratory system has increased oxygen uptake and decreased ventilation during exercise.

🌱The main goal of the respiratory system is to transfer oxygen from the air that is breathed to the red blood cells. From there, oxygen is transported throughout the body. 

🌿Carbon dioxide (or CO2) is a waste product of metabolism and is eliminated from the body via the lungs. If this respiratory system is compromised in any way, it will severely affect the athletic ability of a horse.

🌱Anything that decreases the effectiveness of the equine respiratory process increases the chance for the development of respiratory disease, such as:

  • Cold air.
  • Smoke. 
  • Chemicals in the air, like ammonia. Ammonia fumes in poorly cleaned stalls or because of bad barn ventilation are a common cause of decreased ciliary action.
  • Inflammatory conditions of the airways, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and flu. 

🌿Another very important way by which the cilia clearing – or mucociliary clearance mechanism – can be overwhelmed and rendered less effective is from not allowing the horse to lower its head during transport. 

In fact, the transportation process can stress the defense mechanism of the lungs in several ways. 

  1. Exhaust fumes from a poorly maintained or designed truck can have a negative effect on the cilia’s effectiveness. 
  2. A trailer that has poor drainage can allow for the buildup of ammonia fumes. If the ventilation within the trailer is not good, it can make all of these negative factors regarding lung health worse.

🌱Besides blood work, ultrasound, radiography, endoscopy and respiratory fluid analysis, there are ways to evaluate the respiratory system, which include evaluating respiratory rate and character of breathing. A physical examination is required to adequately evaluate the respiratory system. 

During the respiratory exam of a horse, the veterinarian looks for clues such as: 

  • Nasal discharge (from one or both nostrils).
  • The color, clarity and thickness of that discharge (clear and thin? Thick and green or yellow? Bloody and smelly?) . 
  • Amount of air flow from both nostrils.
  • Swellings around the head.
  • Coughing (and if so, what type).
  • Fever. 
  • Breathing at rest, at work, on inspiration, or expiration.
  • Extra abdominal movement while breathing.
  • If any other horses on the farm are showing similar signs. 

InHay ExHay’ helps to treat many different symptoms of distress of the lungs.

Could your horse benefit from this product?

'InHay ExHay' covers many possible lung issues with ingredients such as: 

🌿Coltsfoot is excellent for cleaning mucus from the lungs and bronchial tubes.

🌱Eyebright is considered a great remedy for treating allergies and respiratory discomfort. The natural astringent-tannins found in the herb may help reduce the mucus discharge during colds and flu by tightening the mucous membranes.

🌿Elderflower is used for common cold, flu (influenza), swelling (inflammation) of the nasal cavity and sinuses (rhinosinusitis), and many other conditions.

🌱Mullein’s mucilage content is soothing for inflamed and irritated lung tissues and has antispasmodic properties, which helps to calm spasms, and can be used to expel mucus from the lungs.

🌿Ginger promotes respiratory health by eliminating air pollutants out of the air passages before they have time to irritate the lungs. It also relieves congestion and improves circulation to the lungs.

To name only a few of this formulas powerful ingredients carefully chosen to work together in the best possible way!

This supplement is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition.

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SharpEdge InHay ExHay