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SharpEdge Giver To My Liver

Liver formula designed to aid in balancing the liver. May help remove toxins after sickness or drug use. Good for the horse that is angry, losing topline, hormonal.

CONTAINS: Yucca, Burdock, Parsley, Dandelion Root, Dandelion Leaf, Marshmellow

DOSAGE: Feed 1-2TBSP/day for 10 days.

1/2LB bag.

What does the liver do?

🌿The five major functions of the liver include:

* Filtration
* Digestion
* Metabolism and Detoxification
* Protein synthesis
* Storage of vitamins and minerals

🌱It’s the body’s chemical factory that has many functions concerned with the processes of digestion, blood cleansing, sugar metabolism – therefore a factor in insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. It disposes of worn-out blood cells, filters and destroys bacteria and neutralises poisons. It’s the chief supplier and balancer of glucose – the basic fuel of the body.

🌿Your horse’s largest gland, the liver acts as the main filter of all things toxic. It directly aids digestion by producing bile, and helps break down worn out red blood cells.

🌱The ability of the liver to filter toxins may be compromised by:

• a diet of processed grains and fats such as refined rancid oils

• worm larvae overload

• chemical poisons (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides)

• feed toxins (mold, fungus, preservatives, additives, coloring, flavors, etc.)

• drugs (steroids, antibiotics, vaccines, wormers)

• spider bites

• ingestion of toxic plants, including oak, purple foxglove, oleander, sagebrush, red maple, bracken fern, tall fescue, and buttercups

• pollution and environmental toxins (exhaust fumes, cleaning solvents, fly sprays)

🌿Generally it’s good practice to give the horse a liver detox/cleanse at the turn of the seasons, particularly at the onset of spring and autumn.


Allergic reaction

Back pain

Dry, scruffy coat, bleached hair

Dry hooves/rings/ridges

Dull, cloudy or sunken eyes

Foul odor of manure

Irritability, poor attitude

Low energy, lethargy

Mood changes

Skin issues (bald patches, dry, scaly, lumps, cysts, hives)

Slow healing

Recurrent colic

Recurrent respiratory problems

Underweight or weight loss

The turn of seasons are optimal times to do a 'liver detox' particularly at the onset of spring and fall.

'Giver To My Liver' was designed to help this process with ingredients such as:

🌿Burdock to stimulate bile production and helps to flush out toxins in the liver.

🌱Dandelion Root to enhance liver function by restoring hydration and electrolyte balance. Dandelion root also helps stimulate toxin elimination.

🌿Parsley is loaded with Vitamin C which acts like an antioxidant.

To name only a few of this formulas powerful ingredients carefully chosen to work together in the best possible way.

This supplement is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, illness or medical condition.

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SharpEdge Giver To My Liver