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Rapid Relief Spray

Showcasing Draw it Out Rapid Relief Restorative Spray for Comprehensive Equine Skin Care"

Draw it Out Rapid Relief Restorative Spray is a highly effective, all-encompassing solution for various equine skin conditions. Its holistic approach and potent formula make it an indispensable tool in equine skin care. Here's why it stands out as a must-have for horse owners:

Key Benefits of Draw it Out Rapid Relief Restorative Spray:

  1. Broad-Spectrum Application:

    • Ideal for treating a wide range of skin issues like sweet itch, mange, scratches, ringworm, rain rot, dew poisoning, rashes, cannon crud, and mud fever.
    • Provides relief for multiple conditions with a single product.
  2. Powerful Ingredients for Rapid Relief:

    • Contains zinc oxide and zinc pyrithione, known for their soothing properties.
    • Aloe vera extract reduces redness and inflammation, promoting skin healing.
  3. Holistic and Soothing Blend:

    • The DiO proprietary blend includes Arnica, Chamomile, and Manuka Honey.
    • These natural ingredients work synergistically for optimal skin health.
  4. Ease of Use:

    • Simple spray application, just shake well and apply a thin coating directly to the affected area.
    • Convenient for daily use and suitable for all livestock.
  5. Natural and Safe Formula:

    • Dye-free and fragrance-free, making it gentle on the skin.
    • Formulated with purified & filtered water, DiO Coconut-Derived Conditioning Blend, and Tetrasodium Iminodisuccinate.
    • Enriched with red algae extract and shea butter for additional skin benefits.
  6. Promotes Optimal Skin Health:

    • The combination of ingredients ensures rapid relief and long-term skin health.
    • Ideal for getting your horse back to optimal condition.

Incorporate Draw it Out Rapid Relief Restorative Spray into your horse care routine for a safe, effective, and holistic approach to skin care. It's not just a treatment; it's a pathway to ensuring your equine athletes remain comfortable and healthy.

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Rapid Relief Spray