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Hansbo Zero Turn Bell Boots

No hoof no horse! Our zero-turn Bell Boots are infused with ceramic therapy for the wellbeing of your horses feet. These boots help increase blood flow to the horses hooves where naturally there is not as much circulation as to other major areas of the body, due to the lack of muscles below the horses knees and hocks.

Practical Uses:
* During exercise and performance for prevention
* On turnout to assist with blood flow while moving
* Horses with navicular or caudal heel pain
Technical Specs:
* 1680D Nylon Exterior
* Soft polyester lining with infused IC Technology
* No-Turn Design
* Tough exterior Velcro
* Round Stitch neoprene edge to prevent chafing
* Wash in cool water and air dry.
* Our ICM technology is infused in to every fiber and not damaged by washing.

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Hansbo Zero Turn Bell Boots